Hi I'm Catherine I’ve spent the last 12 years working as a psychologist, and now I use that understanding to help people make sustainable changes to their health & fitness. Get your free ebook Find Out More

About us

I help women over 35 to dramatically change their self image for the better in just 90 days.

Why me?

I help women over 35 to dramatically change their self image for the better in just 90 days.

Mindset Management

Stoic principles of controlling what you can

Positive focus

Emphasis is on what you can do, not what you can't

Build healthy habits

Fitness and nutrition that fits into your life


Food & exercise you enjoy and works for your goals

Cath’s programme gave me confidence! I wanted to lose weight after giving birth. The programme was easy to follow and having Cath’s support was invaluable – her approach is professional & understanding. I’m already feeling stronger and can see I’ve
Cath is the most encouraging PT I have ever met! Absolutely smashing, all about pushing forward, celebrating success and hitting goals. Absolutely loving the sessions!
I cannot recommend Cath enough. I’ve loved every hour spent with this incredible human being who just ‘gets it’ and even more so for the time during lockdown making sure we haven’t felt forgotten. I’ve gained strength, toned muscle I

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Imagine what it would feel like to ACTUALLY achieve the body you have been dreaming of for years. To be leaner, stronger and athletic looking, all whilst enjoying your social life and the foods that you love! Well you can. Read on to discover how…


This article is for adults that have struggled to ever truly achieve a body they are happy with.

If you’ve tried every diet and training programme out there and/or are lost and have no idea of what to do or where to start, you must read this.

In my free blog, I’ll reveal the three things that you can do today to get leaner and stronger without wasting anymore of your valuable time.