Ask people who are trying to lose weight what they consider to be harder, training or nutrition – and 99% of them will say nutrition.

My clients tell me they feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices they have to make in a day. These women say how these choices seem to get more difficult as they day goes on.

These are busy, professional wives and mothers that get to their evening meal with nothing planned, and make a choice that they regret.

It’s not that they aren’t trying. They simply feel lost without a goal. “Just tell me what to eat, and I’ll do it!”, they say. 

They are tearing their hair out, desperate for clarity. Without it, your chances of success are low!

Feeling frustrated by having to give up all the foods that they enjoy – healthy, cost effective, nutritious food which helps them to feel full.

Not realising that bread, potatoes and even chocolate can belong in your diet if you want them!

Well, not anymore.

I’ve found an easy to implement solution that even a lazy low-skill cook like me can use successfully.

I give all my clients (face to face clients in Llanelli and Burry Port as well as online clients all over the world) recipe books every month to help them with their nutrition outside of the gym.

They get free ones updated every month with ridiculously easy to make, delicious food – that even come with barcodes that can be scanned into MyFitnessPal.

That way, I can keep an eye on their MFP and give them support right there and then as they need it.

It’s not just the hour we spend together in the gym where they get help. Once they commit to their process, they get help 24/7.

Here’s an example of the recipe book – you can have this one for free! Using this link adds you to the mailing list, so I can send you more free help and support every week.  

If you think you would benefit from more help – whether locally or remotely, let’s have a chat.