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Testimonials from Industry Professionals

Photograph of smiling Jordan Syatt

Jordan Syatt (personal training and online coaching mentor & personal trainer to Gary Vee).

“Catherine Reohorn is a wonderful coach and I support her completely.”

Jordan Lark with visible tattoos in a tshirt

“Catherine is just what the fitness industry needs. Someone who can tie everything together.

The mental with the physical. The why with the how. The psychological with the physiological.

Add that with someone who genuinely cares for her clients, someone who strives to continue to learn and improve and you have a winner. A winner for all the people she comes in contact with. We’re lucky to have her in this industry.”

Jordan Lark, business mentor & online trainer.

“Catherine’s writing is always engaging, fun, and a pleasure to read.
She’s able to take just about any topic and convey it in a way that’s easy to understand, as well as being humorous, personable, and leaving you feeling like you really got value from it, whether that’s an email, Facebook post, or an article.
There’s not many people you can say that about.”

Mike Samuels, copywriting coach & founder of Freedom Kickstarter.

“Though I’ve never met Catherine in person or worked with her directly, she’s been a valuable member of our community of online trainers for many years. Every interaction I’ve had with her online has been cordial, professional, and I can tell that she is skilled and thoughtful.”

-Jonathan Goodman, Founder: Online Trainer Academy