You Can Have An Unshakable Belief In Yourself

…now your nutrition and training can fit in around your career, your family, and the million other things that are battling for your attention. It’s personal training – but on your terms.

This is for all the women who are over 35 and are wondering if real acceptance of their bodies is ever going to be possible. 

If they will ever be able to look at their reflection in a shop window and hold their own gaze and be okay with it. 

Women who want to maybe be in some of the photos with their kids, and not make excuses to always be the photographer.

This is for all the women that have walked into a room and questioned their belonging based on their physical size.

Women that have lied in bed, with hot tears streaming into their ears desperate, aching for change. 

This is to tell you that it is possible. That I see your yearning, and I have been there. 

I can help you stop that voice that runs through your head 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. The one that is so very unkind. 

Today, I speak to that spark in you that hopes for change, and that is a little afraid to believe it’s possible.

I want to take a minute to tell you about a friend of mine.

My friend is married and when her husband wanted to drop a little weight, it just seemed like it fell off him. 

He stopped that bag of crisps in his lunchbox and dropped half a stone in a week, it seems like.

Meanwhile, my pal is on a clean eating kick, weighing her salad and training two hours a day and might see a half-pound fluctuation… if she’s lucky. 

If you’ve been there, you’ll know.

It’s frustrating as hell. Not least because you’ve got a career that takes up a heap of time, and a family that are depending on you. 

You simply don’t have time to be fannying around with things that don’t work.

And since turning 35, it all seems to take a little longer. Waking up, warm ups, and weight loss… we’re learning to adjust our expectations. 

If you’re like most of my clients, this won’t be your first rodeo. You’ll have been around the diet block a few times, I bet.

Women come to me because they are at their wit’s end.

It’s obviously not a lack of effort on their part, they’re willing to put the work in… but something is missing. Some vital piece. 

And now they feel like they’re at a crossroads. 

Either they get a handle on it properly, and stop messing about with 10 minutes on the treadmill thinking about whether they’ve burned enough calories for some chocolate… or they give up. 

So many women accept that they just won’t be ok with their bodies. 

Often, they feel so disconnected from their body that they fail to see the decades of service it’s given to them. They wonder if it could ever be different for them, or if years of serial dieting and weight fluctuations had botched their metabolism for good…

They have a voice in their head that tells them that they are actually making it worse by dieting because each time they try and fail, they regain more than they had lost in the first place. This voice can be very persuasive.

But listen, I’m here to tell you something very important:

It’s not your fault.

See, the fitness industry and specifically the diet industry is lying to you. It’s telling you things that not only fail to get you results but could actually be harming your progress. 

Minutiae like supplements and meal timing and carbs being the enemy.

It’s all bollocks.

You want bread, pasta and potatoes? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t?

You want a gin, or some wine and that’s your idea of something to look forward to? Cool, we can include that. 

You want chocolate, cake on birthdays or croissants at second breakfast? There’s room… and if you got my hobbit reference, you’re my kinda people.

There’s one thing that matters for weight loss and that’s calories. 

So many women I speak to say they have been in diet clubs for years, and they’ve always been told that they don’t need to track calories.

I just shake my head.

Now, you don’t have to count calories, but calories always count. You can track ‘em old school with pen and paper, you can track ‘em in an app like MyFitnessPal or you can track them approximately using hand sizes to portion your food.

But ignoring them doesn’t work.

Spending more time worrying about carbs and cardio than getting enough sleep? No wonder your energy levels are rock bottom. 

I’ll wager you might have a little human that wakes you in the night too, or maybe an older relative that needs some care from you. 

I’m a strong believer that it’s all got to serve your life in the right way. Your diet shouldn’t give you heartburn, shouldn’t sit uncomfortably and disrupt your bedtime, and shouldn’t only contain cold, breaded leftovers from someone else’s plate.

Your fitness regime should be something you enjoy, it shouldn’t have to be a slog that you dread – it’s time for yourself. It should be something that gives you energy, that makes you feel strong and give you an excuse to listen to a banging playlist a few times a week. 

If you want training to be part of your plan – not everyone does, and that’s cool, you can get a great weight loss result without it – but spending more time lifting weights than not breaking a sweat on the elliptical will give you that physique you like.

I find that once women start feeling strong… They get super into it.

Now, if you want some help to get these results faster, with more accountability? I’m gonna tell you why I’m a pretty good option.

When I got married back in 2014, I weighed over 300lbs. That’s around 22 stone in old money.

I hated how I looked in my wedding photos. 

But I also hated how I felt. Physically, I was out of breath tying my shoelaces, never mind walking upstairs. 

I constantly spoke to myself like shit. I mean, I was really mean to myself. 

I would never speak that unkindly to another person. That’s going to resonate with some of you, and others not. But if you know, you know I guess.

I realised that as a psychologist I had all the tools I needed to create change for myself. 

But I lacked the skills I needed; I couldn’t cook, I had literally no clue about nutrition, I had never even been in a gym… but that was okay because I could learn.

I started small, learned what I needed and applied it. I experimented, I joined a gym… in time, I gathered some momentum. 

Long story short, I lost 8 and a half stone… 120lbs for my American friends.

I became a qualified nutritionist with Precision Nutrition. I became a CrossFit coach. I became a British Weightlifting coach.

But the thing that actually made the biggest difference to me? 

Was the way I spoke to myself changed. I started to believe that I could do hard things. I started to feel like I actually inhabited my body and I didn’t just live in my head.

Now I help other people to do the same.

I don’t work with people who are looking to drop 4lbs for a week in Ibiza. I don’t work with people that want single digit body fat so they can step on stage in a bodybuilding competition. There are coaches out there for that, bloody good ones, that just isn’t my thing.

I work with a really particular type of person, and if you’ve read this far then the chances are you see yourself in this somewhere. 

So let me tell you how I can help you. I offer two types of online coaching service.

One is an intensive one to one online coaching programme. This will change lives for people who are in a position to commit to investing in themselves because you will not be allowed to fail. You will be held accountable to your goals, and be given world-class coaching support directly from me. This begins with a three-month minimum commitment because often we’ve got a lot of work to do unpicking years of limiting beliefs, and building the trust needed for you to succeed.

The other service I provide is access to RxHome. This is an ever-growing repository of information related to nutrition, training and mindset. You can progress through these at your own pace. You will not be examined, questioned or given any direct accountability. It is completely self-directed, and for a motivated person, it is pound-for-pound the best resource around to achieving your goals. 

The question on your lips right now is how much does this cost?

Let me break it down for you. 

You’d be looking at well over £5000 a month.

The cost of the intensive coaching programme… the one where you’re guaranteed results if you do the work? 

I take an upfront payment of £600. That covers you for the three-month commitment. 

That works out at less than £6.50 per day.

If those three months go well, you will be invited to join on a rolling monthly option at £180.

If you’re not looking for that level of support right now, and the self-directed access to RxHome sounds like more your style, you can join that for £50 a month. 

There’s no coaching for this option and no guarantee, so think carefully if this is the right option for you. 

Still on the fence?

Think of it this way…

What do you spend on magazines each week?

What does it cost to grab that latte on the way to work?

How much do you spend on buying food each week because you haven’t packed lunch?

Now, it’s not for me to piss on your chips in terms of spending. Far from it. But it’s more affordable than you might think. Especially when those things are taking you further from your goals, rather than closer to them as coaching would.

If you could wave a magic wand, spend £600 and be at your goal, you’d do it, wouldn’t you?

So if you’re still in doubt, the issue isn’t money… it’s the belief that you can actually do it.

Over the last three years, I have helped close to a hundred people now with this exact thing. 

They have lost hundreds of stone between them. They have lifted thousands of kilos. They have been more present for their family. They’ve had more sex with their husbands. They’ve been nicer to themselves when they are alone. They have photos with their kids. They’ve completed marathons. They’ve deadlifted their own bodyweight.

If you still doubt yourself… I can see the transformation for you will be so much sweeter, because you’re going to gain so much more than a physique. 

Or you could go back to half arsing your gym time because you hate it, dreading the next social event that you’ll have to buy clothes for, and keep ignoring that voice in your head and hopes it goes away.

It’s your choice.